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Tips for planting in Autumn

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We have now moved into autumn which brings with it new opportunities to brighten up the garden.

When buying plants first check if they are suitable for sun or shade and, if your garden has sunny and shady spots, check if the sun is on the area in the morning or afternoon.  Semi shade loving plants can usually grow in areas with morning sun but would not tolerate afternoon sun.  When planting in all areas add compost to the flower beds before planting and lay mulch in the flower beds to keep in the moisture.  A well designed irrigation system will help to maintain your plants.

Here are some suggestions for autumn planting:

This is the time of year to plant Arctotis – a pretty groundcover which comes in white, yellow, red and orange.  Plant in full sun in a well drained position and feed regularly with 3:1:5 fertilizer, dead head flowers for longer flowering.

Nerine Bowdenii comes in shades of pink with spider-like flowers on each stem and is now flowering in March.  It is a bulb and should be planted in a well drained sunny position in rich soil.

Amaryllis belladonna is also known as “March lily” or “Naked lady” because the flowers bloom before the leaves develop.  It is a bulb which grows in arid conditions and can be mixed with Agapanthus to create a colourful display, plant in full sun.

Amaryllis belladonna has scented trumpet shaped flowers in pink or white and up to 12 flowers can be produced from one stem.

Felicia echinata has delightful blue daisy like flowers which grow in clusters at the top of each stem and have small shiny dark green oval shaped leaves.

Felicia echinata is a groundcover and can be planted in full sun.  Lightly prune back after flowering.

Barleria repens rosea (pictured) has flowers in a rich red colour that fades to a rich pink colour and has shiny leaves.  This can grow into a low hedge and makes a good container plant.

Barleria repens is water wise and grows well in sun or shade.

Carissa macrocarpa, also known as Natal plum is a hardy plant, wind resistant and is a thorny shrub which can be grown into a protective hedge by planting plants one meter apart.  The leaves are oval shaped in a dark green with pointed thorny tips.  The flowers are scented and white with an oval red fruit which is edible.

Carissa macrocarpa can be grown in full sun or semi shade.

Dietes grandiflora is an evergreen, part of the Iris family with white and mauve flowers which flower in late summer to autumn.  The leaves are dark green and grow up to 1.5m in height.

Dietes grandiflora grows in sun or partial shade in well drained soil mixed with compost.


Landscapers Cape Town

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